Patty’s Story

My passion for nutrition and wellness developed about 20 years ago after the birth of my third child. At that time my body and spirit essentially crashed with dreadful hormonal imbalance, stubborn weight, fatigue, weak muscles and ligaments, bad moods, hair loss, and insomnia. My life felt completely different, and I felt that I lost my old self; anxiety was at an all time HIGH and my relationships, body confidence and productivity all suffered.

I grew frustrated when most doctors could not help and soon turned to the holistic community. I realized that lifestyle changes were in order and started my journey. Through much research, help from holistic health professionals, and committed self-care, I slowly gained motivation and confidence in the new belief that “I can do this, I am WORTH IT”!  During my journey, I learned many lessons including patience, self-acceptance and self-worth. I also learned that:

  • as my health improved, all other areas of my life improved.

  • in order to sustain good health, it requires INNER WORK AND OUTER WORK, including self-awareness, mindfulness, essential nutrition, regular exercise and a calmer, less stressed lifestyle.  

  • good health and maintaining a strong body and spirit is within our POWER!

I know it can be done because I’m living proof. Like many of you, I continue to grow, learn, face challenges, take risks, be grateful, fall down, get up, keep trying and never give up!

I reside in the Philadelphia, PA and Falmouth, MA area with my husband and three daughters; and I offer my services both virtually and locally. My health coach training consists of dietary theory, holistic nutrition, and practical lifestyle management techniques. My career began as an environmental engineer, which I gave up to be an active stay-at-home Mom with the addition of my second child.   During that time, I volunteered in the community and at their schools. In 2003, I founded and operated an anti-aging skin care company which I sold 2 years later. There I developed a large amount of knowledge about combatting the aging effects on our skin and body as a whole. I am active in my communities and I currently volunteer as a board member for Child & Family Connections, a nonprofit based out of Philadelphia.

Today, I am grateful and proud to be able to contribute toward a healthy way of living for everyone.


  • Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute

  • Certified Life Coach, Health Coach Institute

  • Non-Profit Board Member, Child & Family Connections, Philadelphia, PA, 2013 - present

  • Member, Falmouth MA Chamber of Commerce

  • Founder and Owner, Wellness Formulations LLC, anti-aging skin care, 2004-2006

  • Masters of Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University

  • Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering, University of Vermont

I am now making healthier food choices and have incorporated exercise into my weekly routine. I’ve learned how to better manage stress-and learned how making time for myself benefits me as well as my family.
— Danielle C. (client)

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