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Happy Clients

“I went through the 12 week Health Coaching Series with Patty Burke of Whole Body Focus and it was so much more than I expected.  Patty was amazing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I tried the first “information gathering” consultation and never looked back.  Patty set up the groundwork each week and it was always such a positive powerful experience.  There was never a wrong answer and the “homework” that I was the most skeptical of, I learned the most from.  I feel like my insides are all bright and shiny, and my life, diet and spirit are aligned. Patty is a gifted coach.”

-Laurie C.

Hi Patty, I've been meaning to let you know that your webinar motivated to give up sugar. I was happily addicted my wholelife. I went cold turkey except for a little dark chocolate as you prescribed.  I can't believe how much better I feel. My energy is sustained throughout the day and into the evening. It's been immensely helpful especially because I just started a new job at....

-Beth V.

Note to Patty…. “I have been focusing on myself, setting aside time for myself and feeling good. Our sessions have helped me and am feeling much stronger about myself. Thank you for your help, listening without judgement and helping me to move past the issues”.

-S. P.

“When I initially signed up for the Whole Body Focus program with Patty, I was just so sick of constantly beating myself up about my body and just wanting to lose that 10 pounds that had been haunting me for ages! So I figured why not take the chance – I was ready to do the work!  What I didn’t realize was how much the program would help me to reframe my thinking, and allow me to be SO much more accepting of myself – and others!  This program changed me in positive ways I didn’t realize were possible.  I am a much calmer, kinder and empathetic person after having gone through the program – I would highly recommend making the investment in yourself – you are worth it!“

- Meg M.

Patty is truly invested in your well being. I felt that she listened and communicated in a heartfelt and truthful interaction. A wonderful support system. 100% present. “

-Claudia C.

“Working with Patty on my journey has been fulfilling, fun, emotional and eye-opening. The goals I set for myself were pretty straightforward, but after a few communication sessions I was able to dive deeper into my personal journey of growth. I am now making healthier food choices and have incorporated exercise into my weekly routine. I’ve learned how to better manage stress…how making time for myself benefits me as well as my family. Conscious breathing is also an exercise I’ve incorporated into my life.  Patty’s knowledge and warm personality with a “no guilt” approach were key to my success.  Adopting self care and shedding judgment are essential to my long- term health. I feel stronger because of this experience and would highly recommend the program. Keep going!”

-Danielle C.