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WELCOME! I am the founder of Whole Body Focus and a Health & Empowerment Coach. I work with depleted professionals & parents who are ready to reclaim their time, energy and whole health so they can be more proactive, productive and happier in their bodies and their life.  If this is YOU, read on…. I help you to turn your old habits and beliefs into sustainable healthy habits, and your self-doubt into empowered action for a healthier balanced life!


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  • Are you feeling depleted as a busy parent and/or professional?

  • Do you want to be more productive and to stress less?

  • Are you frustrated with stubborn weight, low energy, or a health condition that has limited your lifestyle?

  • Are you feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle like sugar cravings, yoyo dieting, or start & stop exercise programs?

  • Do you want more motivation on a consistent basis?

  • Are you too stressed out to enjoy your life?

Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL once and for all -and take your life to the next level? YOU MAY ASK…


A HEALTH COACH is someone who influences WHOLE BODY HEALTH AND WELLNESS in others, by teaching them how to make sustainable healthy habit changes, in order to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE IN THEIR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT!

A coach is like having a personal trainer to help you live a consistent healthy lifestyle, feel fabulous and proud of your body, feel balance in all areas of your life, and ultimately achieve true FREEDOM.  As a wellness entrepreneur and passionate health & life coach, I hold you, the client, WORTHY, CAPABLE and POWERFUL. I hold an open space for you to drop barriers like self-judgment and guilt. Together we create an honest relationship along with the best plan for you to reach your health goals and long-term vitality.

Through my coaching practice, I share everyday wellness and essential lifestyle habits that will keep you in alignment with your aspirations and goals. I help you to overcome “limiting beliefs” that can hold you back and keep you “stuck”. What started as my personal health journey over 20 years ago has evolved into more than I have ever dreamed. I get to live out my passion every day. I love working with people like YOU- to empower YOU to lead a healthy lifestyle that is ATTAINABLE, SUSTAINABLE, and filled with meaningful PURPOSE.

Learn to implement the key ingredients for long-term vitality! It starts with a health body and emotional spirit. This is a powerful transformation that happens one step at a time!

Vitality = Self care + Motivation + Resiliency

Is it possible to change and shift direction for your health? YES IT IS!  I know because I’m living proof. I have personally learned that when your health is optimized, all other areas of your life improve! It doesn’t have to be hard and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. You might not believe it now, but with help from coaching (which provides the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY) you can make the shift for yourself… for good!

I get it…. you know WHAT to do, but you just CAN’T DO IT! It’s hard to take this journey on your own. As your coach, I provide many resources and tools to help you get MORE of what you want.  My RESULTS-ORIENTED programs help you to:

  • Gain more energy, lose weight, manage stress and feel fabulous in your body.

  • Learn to reduce the RISKS of lifestyle diseases like heart, diabetes and obesity.

  • Learn important lifestyle adjustments for current injuries and health conditions.

  • Change your MINDSET - break down old habits and build up new ones.

  • Let go of judgment and obstacles holding you back from achieving consistent good health.

Together, we will learn how to properly fuel your unique body type and discover lifestyle habits (around food, exercise, motivation, stress sleep, etc) that will lead you to live a healthier life without deprivation and with an optimal mind & body balance. If you are ready to step up and show up for yourself, you came to the right COACH!

Cheers to your health! Patty Burke, Certified Health & Life Coach

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When you understand that thoughts create your reality, your life opens up for you - and you can create something new and powerful!
— Oprah Winfrey