Group Programs

This is a great way for a community of people to get together and share experiences, set their own goals, create something new in their life, and encourage/motivate/support each other in positive and constructive ways. Depending on the group dynamic, these programs are conducted in person, live webinar format or conference call.

Group Coaching

The Whole Body Solution: 12-Week Program and 14-Day Cleanse can be delivered in a group setting. This coaching platform is ideal for reaching a wide community like office staff, client group, friends and relatives.


Coaching workshops provide a great way to foster community and continuous learning within your organization, as well as demonstrate your commitment to ongoing growth and development of your employees. High performance professionals who tend to put their own health on the back burner are susceptible to burn out, loss of focus and productivity. These service-oriented professionals are often looking for solutions to help them focus on their OWN HEALTH!

My workshops include valuable information including The Challenge, Problem, Myth Busters and Solutions! The attendees will be actively participating in the group discussion and will come away with valuable TAKE-AWAYS AND COACHING TIPS that can be quickly and easily implemented for their LONG-TERM HEALTH.


  1. Kick the Sugar Habit -  A pathway to lose weight and gain energy

  2. Secrets to Stressing Less and Increasing Productivity

  3. Living a Fully Nourished Life: Secrets to achieving balance and long-term vitality. 

  4. Gut Health: How it affects our brain health, moods and disease prevention.

Obstacles are simply opportunities in disguise.
— Deepak Chopra